Changes to Disposal and Recycling of Computers, Computer Monitors, Televisions and other Electronic Devices.

Effective January 24, 2013

March 13th, 2013 - 12:20pm
Lee Gribbin

The Covered Device Recycling Act
A new state law was passed in November of 2010, the Covered Device Recycling Act (Act 108 of 2010), or CDRA, which addresses the recycling and disposal of certain “covered” electronic devices in Pennsylvania. “Covered Devices” include desktop and laptop computers, computer monitors, computer peripherals, and televisions.
The most notable impacts of the CDRA on Pennsylvania residents will be the establishment of commonwealth-specific manufacturer collection and recycling programs for covered devices and the upcoming disposal ban.
Manufacturer Recycling Programs - Beginning Jan. 1, 2012, manufacturers of covered devices sold or offered for sale in Pennsylvania are required to make collection programs available to Pennsylvania residents for the recycling of their covered devices. Though not required, retailers may also offer collection programs. Both manufacturer and retailer collection programs for covered devices are required to be free of charge, unless a coupon, rebate or other financial incentive of equal or greater value is supplied.
Disposal Ban - Beginning Jan. 24, 2013, landfills and other solid waste disposal facilities in Pennsylvania will no longer be allowed to accept covered devices or their components. The CDRA requires that these devices be recycled from that point forward. The disposal ban may affect the curbside collection of these items by municipal waste pickup programs, unless the program is specific to electronic materials.